The Differences Between Awnings and Canopies
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The Differences Between Awnings and Canopies

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling it is necessary to have a space outdoors to stay comfortable and relaxed. The dangerous sun can be a silent killer with its harmful rays damaging both yourself and your furniture. With constant weather varying conditions there is a way to always guarantee protection and…


Boost Your Mood By Going Outside

Summer days beckon us outside to bask in the sun’s warmth and enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, jogging, and hiking. But stepping out of your house may offer more than just fun and games; it could positively affect your mental health. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we’re spending more time inside than ever before….

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Three Reasons to Consider Bucks County Timbertech Decking

If you’ve been planning to enhance your Bucks County outdoor living space with a backyard deck, you may be unsure of where to begin. These days, there are a multitude of options available for customization, and it’s important to consider all of them in order to determine the best choice for you and your family….

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Bucks County Outdoor Living: Why Parties Are Better Outside

If you’re anything like us here at Paul Construction, you probably don’t need too many excuses to leave the house. Once the weather is warm enough, we make sure to spend as much time as possible outside. Once summer arrives, hosting parties outdoors is the way to go – who wants to stay inside after…

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Exterior Design Ideas For Your Bucks County Outdoor Living Space

Spring has nearly arrived! Now is the time to prepare your Bucks County backyard living space for the coming warm weather. Developing a cohesive style for your space is a big part of creating a welcoming backyard. While a premium-quality deck or patio may be the most important part of your space, it’s important to…

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3 Expansion Ideas for Your Bucks County Home – Paul Construction

Have you grown dissatisfied with your home? Perhaps you loved the layout when you originally purchased it, but have recently come to desire more space or amenities. If you still appreciate the original foundation of your home, it may not be necessary to go all the way and purchase a new home. You may be…

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How Post and Beam Additions Can Enhance Your Bucks County Home

If you’re anything like us here at Paul Construction, you take pride in building something of your own. Building a unique home can be incredibly rewarding. Home improvement adds character to our homes and allows us to create a space that’s a perfect fit for our families. One of the best ways to accomplish this…

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3 Ways to Make Your Patio Usable This Winter

Now that cold weather has arrived here in Pennsylvania, chances are you haven’t been using your patio much lately. However, with our winter patio tips, that can change! Follow these simple steps for making your patio a fun and comfortable place you can enjoy even as temperatures drop: Invest in a patio heater: By adding…

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Bucks County Decks Vs. Patios – Which Suits You Best?

If you’re a homeowner in the process of beginning your first backyard construction project, you may be overwhelmed with all of the available choices. With so many different types of Bucks County backyard living space additions available, and a wide range of customization options within each of those categories, you may be unsure of where…