Now that cold weather has arrived here in Pennsylvania, chances are you haven’t been using your patio much lately. However, with our winter patio tips, that can change! Follow these simple steps for making your patio a fun and comfortable place you can enjoy even as temperatures drop:

  • Invest in a patio heater: By adding a small standard heater to your patio, you’ll make the space livable in the colder months. If you prefer a more natural heat source, you may also consider adding a fire pit to the patio. This small, inexpensive winter patio tip will do wonders for the usability of the space!
  • Cover your patio: In order to keep the heat in and the elements out, it’s a wise idea to put a cover on your patio or screen it during the winter. Not only will this maintain warmth and insulate the patio, but it will preserve its condition by shielding it from precipitation.
  • Make it super comfortable: Outfit your patio with fluffy, cushiony chairs or sofas you’ll want to curl up on! Also, be sure to stock your patio with plenty of blankets and pillows to keep your family and guests warm and comfortable when they hang out there. Just make sure to cover these items or store them away when not in use so they stay dry!

When you follow these winter patio tips, you’ll no longer be restricted to summer use – you’ll finally be able to reap the benefits of having a patio all year long!

Trust Paul Construction As Your Bucks County Patio Contractor

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