Have you grown dissatisfied with your home? Perhaps you loved the layout when you originally purchased it, but have recently come to desire more space or amenities. If you still appreciate the original foundation of your home, it may not be necessary to go all the way and purchase a new home. You may be able to enhance the home you already have with an expansion.

Home expansions are a great way to make your home your own. Adding your own touches will give you a sense of creative accomplishment, and will help tailor your home to your family. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for home expansions in Bucks County:

  • Balconies and porches – This a relatively simple and small-scale project, but can do wonders for opening up your home. If you’ve already got your Bucks County backyard living space up and running, adding a balcony outside of your bedroom can provide you with a relaxing space to observe the beauty of your own backyard. Both front and back porches can help open up your space, and provide a great setting for socializing with both family and neighbors.
  • Expand into the backyard – Perhaps the most effective way to expand your space is through the addition of an outdoor room, such as a sunroom. The best way to do this is to build off of your kitchen or dining room, allowing light to flow through each space. This provides you with a beautiful outdoor/indoor space that can be used in all four seasons.
  • Second-floor expansions – This type of expansion works particularly well for a growing family. If you purchased the home as newlyweds and have recently increased your family’s head count, you may be feeling a lack of space. Adding bedrooms, bathrooms, and/or a playroom to the a second-floor expansion is a great way to accommodate your new family members.

These are just a few ideas for expanding your home. There are all kinds of ways you can utilize the space of an addition. With the help of a reliable Bucks County backyard construction firm, anything is possible.

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