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Should you Change your Patio Awnings with the Season?

Different seasons bring different types of weather patterns throughout Pennsylvania. Therefore, those with outdoor living spaces that are complimented by awnings need to think ahead to prepare for snow, rain, ice, sleet, and colder weather. The changing seasons and weather begs the question, should I change my patio awnings with the season? The answer is…

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Best Awnings for Pennsylvania Summers

Summer brings an eclectic variety of weather conditions across Pennsylvania. Days can be incredibly hot, but then the temperature drops 10 degrees behind a cold front, and sunny afternoons are often paired with torrential downpours throughout the season. To cope with the unpredictability of the weather during summer in Pennsylvania, your outdoor living space needs…

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How Do I Make My Awnings Last All Season?

Awnings are a fantastic addition to existing patios or decks. They provide protection from the sun when you want to relax without getting burnt and add a visually appealing aspect to your home. The versatility of awnings lets you enjoy your outdoor living area no matter what the temperature or weather conditions are. While awnings…

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