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While sitting on your back porch this summer, you may have been wishing for some sort of relief from the sun’s rays. Warm weather draws us outdoors, but the direct sunlight may be uncomfortable and damaging to your skin. One great solution to this problem is the purchase of an awning. Paul Construction offers awning installation in Bucks County.

Sunesta Retractable awnings help protect you and your family from the sun’s strong rays. Awning installation in Bucks County is a low-cost alternative to a sunroom. Although sunrooms are a great addition to any home, retractable awnings give you the option to take advantage of the shade while still enjoying the fresh air! Additionally, for those who are uncomfortable with commitment, the retractable nature of a Sunesta retractable awning allows you to enjoy your home with our without the awning extended.

If you’re still unsure as to whether you’re interested in Bucks County awning installation services, consider these benefits to a Sunesta retractable awning:

  • Energy Savings. When your awning is extended, it provides a relaxing shaded area. Not only will the outdoor area be cooler, but the interior of the house will cool down as well. Energy is typically transferred into a home through glass windows and doors. Heavy sunlight through glass will cause an air conditioner to work harder. But with an awning, the windows located below the covering will be shielded from the sunlight. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers conducted studies that show that awnings reduce heat gain by 55-77 percent during a period of direct sunlight. Alternatively, retracting your awning in the winter will allow for natural heating of your home.
  • Furniture Protection. In addition to saving on energy costs, awning installation in Bucks County may protect your indoor furniture. UV rays can damage and fade carpets, floors, drapes, and furniture. Extending your awning during sunny days can help protect your indoor furnishings from such deterioration.
  • Long Lasting. Non-retractable awnings may be a bit less expensive than retractable awnings, but the latter tends to last longer, making it the more economical choice. Bad weather, including heavy snow or strong winds, can easily damage an awning. Constant sun exposure may cause the fabric to fade. With a retractable awning, you can protect the structure from these threats by retracting it when appropriate.

Paul Construction – The Best for Bucks County Awning Installation

The versatility of a retractable awning will enhance the way you enjoy your home. The experts at Paul Construction can assist you in selecting a style that meets your needs. To receive the high-quality awning installation Bucks County residents deserve, contact our office today.