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Awning Styles for Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes need to have a strong balance between their architectural designs and outdoor living spaces. For a visual appeal, contemporary homes need to have contemporary elements incorporated into their decks or patios, and that includes the home’s awnings. But what are some modern awning styles you can incorporate into your exterior design? Paul Construction…

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Awning Styles for Townhomes

With the addition of awnings, your townhome can be the perfect place to relax this summer. Your porch or patio can seriously benefit in both visual appeal and functionality from the installation of new awnings. But picking the right awning style for your townhome is crucial because you don’t want to end up with a…

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How to Clean Canvas Awnings

While keeping you cool as it shades you from the sun, your patio awning is vulnerable to dirt and mildew buildup. And think about it: when was the last time you really cleaned your awning? This often-overlooked and forgotten task is important for maintaining the condition of your awning so it lasts for a long…

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