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Patio Ideas for your Small Backyard

Just because you have a smaller backyard doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t enjoy it. Small backyards have just as much potential to be beautiful outdoor living spaces as large ones, so don’t feel that your design options are limited when it comes to patio ideas for small backyards. In order for you to…


How to Incorporate Summer into your Exterior Designs

The summer season beckons us to retreat outdoors and enjoy the sun and natural environment. For those with outdoor decks, patios, or living spaces, there’s nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. However, to increase the potential of your outdoor living area, homeowners can incorporate the summer season into their exterior design. While…

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How to Match your new Awnings to your Exterior Design

New awnings have a plethora of beneficial purposes. They provide cool, shaded spots during hot days, protect valuable outdoor furniture and appliances, and add value to your home with beautiful designs – if you know how to match your new awnings to your exterior design. A new awning set that matches your outdoor living space…

Best Awnings for Pennsylvania Summers

Summer brings an eclectic variety of weather conditions across Pennsylvania. Days can be incredibly hot, but then the temperature drops 10 degrees behind a cold front, and sunny afternoons are often paired with torrential downpours throughout the season. To cope with the unpredictability of the weather during summer in Pennsylvania, your outdoor living space needs…


3 Things to Consider Before Building a New Patio

An outdoor patio can be a fantastic addition to any home. The charming ambiance created by a custom patio is unmatched, and the right design can create a valuable extension to your home. Whether its gravel, stone, or brick, your outdoor patio will be a relaxing space for you and your family as well as an…


How to Budget for an Outdoor Construction Project

To add a full outdoor construction project to your home, you need to budget effectively and plan. It’s necessary to take the time to properly evaluate what you need to complete your custom outdoor project and how you’ll incorporate everything you want. But budgeting isn’t always easy when it comes to construction projects since you…


Patio Options for a Traditional Home

Traditional outdoor patio designs have an elegance to their simplicity. These patios feature designs that don’t go over the top but still add a significantly pleasing atmosphere and create a valuable extension to your home while increasing its overall value. You may not want to go above and beyond for your custom patio design, and…

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Benefits of Patio Awnings in the Summer

Summer is the perfect season to utilize your outdoor patio to the fullest potential. Kick back in the beautiful outdoor weather with a drink in one hand and a book in your other and enjoy some me time. Appreciating the summer weather on your outdoor patio after a long winter season can be one of…

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Custom Patio Options for a Contemporary Home

Your contemporary home needs a contemporary patio to create a balanced outdoor living space that’s as gorgeous as your home. A contemporary design will leave you with a sleek patio that your family and guests will be able to enjoy throughout the warmer months of the year. With modern designs and additions, your outdoor patio…


4 Ways to Include a Retractable Wall in Exterior Design

In order to make the most of your exterior construction, retractable walls can be incorporated for a modern design that’s practical as well. To help you get inspired for your next exterior construction project, take a look at these four fun ways to include retractable walls in your exterior design.


4 Tips for Choosing an Exterior Construction Company

When you are thinking about undergoing home remodeling, it’s incredibly important that you select the right construction company for the job. The right construction team will determine if the job will be completed in a timely manner, the remodeling is done correctly and your new construction will last you and your family a long time….