Bucks County Awnings and Canopies

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling it is necessary to have a space outdoors to stay comfortable and relaxed. The dangerous sun can be a silent killer with its harmful rays damaging both yourself and your furniture. With constant weather varying conditions there is a way to always guarantee protection and comfort. Many Bucks and Montgomery County families take advantage of the outdoors month after month by sitting out on their decks and patios.

If the gorgeous weather makes you realize that you’re going to need some serious shade for your ultimate comfort and relaxation this spring and summer, Paul Construction & Awning suggests that you consider Sunesta’s great line of retractable awnings and canopies. Bucks County awnings and canopies are great outdoor shading options. As you shop for your awning or canopy, be careful not to interchange the terms, or you could end up with something different than what you were expecting!

Awnings vs. Canopies – What’s The Difference?

While both structures provide shade and protection, they are different products and have different purposes. Paul Construction seeks to help you understand the two main differences between Bucks County awnings and canopies.

  1. Where they are located.

Awnings are large coverings that are attached to the home. For Bucks and Montgomery County homeowners, retractable awnings typically go on the back of the home in order to provide shade over a deck, porch, or other areas near the home. When located over windows, awnings also prevent harsh UV rays from damaging yourself, carpets, and furniture inside the home. In addition, retractable awnings can also be added to your business to provide additional shade and comfort to employees, guests, and customers. This can be the perfect addition to create the look and feel that has been missing from any building. 

Conversely, canopies are freestanding structures that require posts for support. These canopy posts are made up of steel or aluminum products. A canopy has the versatility to provide shade to an area away from the home. This is beneficial because of endless options there based on the location that canopies can be placed in an outdoor area.  If you have a pergola or trellis in your yard, the retractable Sunesta Suncover can be added to the structure. 

  1. How they are used.

Retractable awnings are extremely versatile and feature many uses. Your awnings can be fully extended, completely retracted, or anywhere in between! Sunesta has three great awning options, the largest of which extends over 14 feet. If you have a small or medium deck, the Sunesta could potentially provide shade over the entire structure. If your deck is on the larger size, an awning is still a great option to be able to walk freely from sun to shade as you move about your deck. This allows you to be in complete control of your own shade preferences. At Paul Construction and Awning we make it a priority that our customers are satisfied with the awnings that they choose for their home or business. 

Canopies tend to offer a much larger scope of shade and protection. They can be used to completely cover any deck or patio, or as a personal oasis in an underutilized area of your yard. Canopies are also great for parties and gatherings, as they allow guests to roam about while remaining protected. Another benefit is a canopy has the ability to block both sun and rain, allowing for limited cancellation of events you’ve been planning for months. Our highly tested and durable Sunesta canopies are made to withstand winds greater than 45 mph!

For Bucks County Awnings and Canopies, Call Paul Construction

Bucks County awnings and canopies provide the protection, durability, and versatility that Bucks and Montgomery County residents look for. If you are struggling to decide between these two high-quality shade options our professionals are here to help. With expertise and years of experience in providing comfort and quality we can help you find exactly what you have been looking for. Contact Paul Construction in order to learn about your options.