Retractable Walls

Would you like to turn your porch or patio into a three- or four-season room by adding retractable walls? Allowing you to enjoy the space all year long? A place with no insects from the outside ruining your comfortable day or evening? Lucky for you this luxury is at your fingertips with the push of a button. Sunesta’s line of retractable captured-edge screens, The Sentry™, will easily turn your outdoor living space into an insect and/or weatherproof area of your home.

With a wide variety of options for your patio or lanai, The Sentry retractable screen, solar mesh, or fabric walls will be an attractive addition to your home.

Retractable Walls, What Would You Like to Do?

If you have a porch or lanai that you would like to easily make into a screen room, The Sentry is a product worth considering. Retractable screens allow you to enclose your area with the screen or allow for a sense of indoor/outdoor living the entire year. It has never been easier to keep out insects during the summer when you have family and friends over; or you can easily roll up the screens to open the space when you want.

If your goal is to make the area more weatherproof, opaque fabrics and clear vinyl windows are available as part of The Sentry line that Sunesta offers. They will help to turn your patio or lanai into a closed area that will keep out the elements, expanding your living area into the cooler months of the year.

If you require sun screens, The Sentry is also available as solar mesh that keeps the glaring sun off the area of your home that you want to be screened in. Sunesta retractable screens aka retractable walls create a sunroom that can appear and disappear in seconds. Sunscreens can help keep pool areas and sunny porches from becoming too hot by providing controllable shade. Whether you like it sunny or cool there is an option for you. The solar screens are also a great option in homes with large windows that need to be shaded from the sun during the day.


Available with three different mounting styles, The Sunesta retractable screens are versatile and perfect for any home, office, pool, or wherever it fits best. The captured-edge Sentra screens can be mounted on the surface, inside openings, recessed into the window frame, or put on brackets away from the structure. With widths up to 18 feet and heights to 12 feet, The Sentry will easily fit most patio and lanai areas. Read about a few ways to include a retractable wall in your exterior design.

The rail design features a floating track that keeps pests and elements out, but will flex so it won’t bind under the load of the wind. Not only are these retractable screens amazing for keeping out the sun, they keep out the elements like wind and leaves. The removable front cover allows for easy access to the motor and roller tube for ease of maintenance.

It’s Your Choice

Customizable to your needs and home design, The Sentry will add a great deal of value and livability to the outdoor aspects of your home. Whether you choose a retractable screen wall, solar wall, or fabric wall, with or without windows, Sunesta’s The Sentry will give you the extra space you need to keep your home livable year-round with just a touch of a remote control.

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