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Patio Options for a Traditional Home

Traditional outdoor patio designs have an elegance to their simplicity. These patios feature designs that don’t go over the top but still add a significantly pleasing atmosphere and create a valuable extension to your home while increasing its overall value. You may not want to go above and beyond for your custom patio design, and…

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Unique Brick Pattern Ideas for Patios

A new custom patio, whether for your front, back, or side yard, is one of the most stylish and beneficial additions to your home. By adding a new patio to your property, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space that lets you and your guests enjoy warm summer nights and days. However, to maximize…

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Hardscape Designs for any Home

Are you looking to add a new element to your home in the form of an outdoor living area? Are you struggling to find the right medium for your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or latest outdoor space creation? With so many products and an endless amount of possibilities, selecting the right hardscape medium can be…

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Brick vs. Stone: What is your Best Patio Option?

Deciding on the best patio option for your home depends on its architecture, the space available for the patio and your personal taste. A patio can be added to new construction or as part of a redesigned yard. Brick Patios and Walkways Bricks are stones manufactured from clay mixed with sand and lime. They’re usually fired and…

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