Factors Affecting Cost: How Much Are Retractable Awnings?

A high-quality awning can protect your deck or patio from the sun’s rays and persistent rains. But how much do retractable awnings cost? In this blog, we’ll discuss a few factors that influence the cost.

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Read on to find out which factors affect the price of a new retractable awning:

1. Materials

It should come as no surprise that material quality has a major effect on the cost of an awning. While cheaper fabric awnings come with a lower upfront price tag, they don’t last as long as waterproof awnings such as those from Sunesta. At Paul Construction & Awning, we are proud to offer a range of Sunesta awnings, and all of our products come with extended warranties.

2. Size

Larger awnings tend to cost more than smaller ones because they require more materials and setup time. That said, a large awning with cheap materials might cost less than a smaller awning from a trusted brand, though the latter is invariably the smarter investment.

3. Added Features

Extra features will add to the cost of your new awning but will unlock a world of comfort and convenience. At Paul Construction & Awning, we offer additional features and accessories such as automatic sensors that react to the sunlight, protective aluminum casings, remote controls, and more.

4. Maintenance and Repair

Whether its pelting rain or the sun’s scorching rays, awnings are exposed to the weather’s worst. Regular maintenance will increase the cost but can add years to the lifespan of your new awning. At Paul Construction & Awning, our pros specialize in awning cleaning and repairs, and our Sunesta awnings require very little maintenance due to their quality engineering, however we offer a Preferred Client Membership which helps maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces by keeping your awnings and screens in peak condition. Click to learn more about our Preferred Client Membership 

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