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Bucks County Outdoor Living: Why Parties Are Better Outside

If you’re anything like us here at Paul Construction, you probably don’t need too many excuses to leave the house. Once the weather is warm enough, we make sure to spend as much time as possible outside. Once summer arrives, hosting parties outdoors is the way to go – who wants to stay inside after…

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Stone vs. Granite Countertops for your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a luxurious addition to any outdoor living area. And with the right countertops, you can have elegant surfaces that will look great for all of your outdoor festivities. But to avoid any damage and keep your outdoor kitchen countertops looking great for a long time, selecting the right medium makes all…

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How to Choose a Design for your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can provide an exciting, convenient element to your outdoor living area. You and your guests will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor deck or patio with the addition of a grill, a refrigerator, and some cabinets. But before you add an outdoor kitchen to your home, there are some considerations you…

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