traditional home patio optionsTraditional outdoor patio designs have an elegance to their simplicity. These patios feature designs that don’t go over the top but still add a significantly pleasing atmosphere and create a valuable extension to your home while increasing its overall value. You may not want to go above and beyond for your custom patio design, and with a traditional approach, you don’t have to create a complicated outdoor living area.

Below you’ll find some popular designs of traditional custom patio options that your home can benefit from.

Free Form Stone

A charming and rustic option for a backyard patio, free form stone uses stone pavers to create a flexible space and design that is less structured than a set stone design. The organic feel of a free form stone patio allows for grass and foliage to grow between the stone, making it a perfect design for backyards with lush gardens and green lawns. Free form stone is a traditional style that lets the nature around your patio be the focal point of the design, while the free form stone pavers are complimentary. Still, you and your guests will love the inviting atmosphere if you add furniture, a bird bath or other accessories.

Brick Courtyard

Brick courtyard outdoor patio designs are sophisticated and provide many different design options for your home. They have the ability to be laid in the ground by themselves, placed on top of gravel, or utilize multiple patterns that add value to your outdoor patio. Brick is a strong medium and is built to last even in cold conditions. A small table and chair setup works great with a brick courtyard, and you can surround your area with numerous planters to create pleasing environment. You can also add brick knee-high walls that give you a type of enclosed brick courtyard.

Dinner Table Underneath a Pergola

custom patio options for a traditional An outdoor patio can be a spot where you, your family, and your guests have dinner when the weather is nice. Summer cookouts, special occasions, or just regular family dinners can be held on your outdoor patio so you can experience a change of scenery and enjoy your back or front yard.

And by placing a pergola over your table, you can create a sanctuary for you meals. It’s a simple addition that doesn’t take up too much space and adds aesthetic value. It can provide shade and create a space that you’ll love using. Traditional outdoor patios don’t require a fancy table layout and design, as a simple one will give you a please ambiance and a great place to enjoy warm nights.

Traditional outdoor patios can give your home a significant boost and provide a warm outdoor living area that you’ll continue to use year after year. You don’t have to incorporate the most lavish or fancy modern styles to still enjoy your outdoor patio. By sticking to basic and simple designs, you can still have a luxurious outdoor living area that your whole family will benefit from.

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