custom patio patternsA new custom patio, whether for your front, back, or side yard, is one of the most stylish and beneficial additions to your home. By adding a new patio to your property, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space that lets you and your guests enjoy warm summer nights and days. However, to maximize the potential of your outdoor patio, you need a foundation with a beautiful pattern that pairs durability with elegance.

For most patio owners, that foundation is a brick medium. Brick is strong and dependable, and it will outlast the elements while creating a distinctive patio that blends well with your indoor living areas. Brick also provides the ability customize and create numerous patterns so you can have an outdoor patio that matches perfectly with the rest of your home and personality.

To give you some inspiration, read on for some of our favorite brick pattern ideas that you can incorporate or build from when designing your new outdoor patio.

Running Bond

One of the most common brick patio patterns, the running bond consists of bricks laid in horizontal rows for a simple yet sophisticated look. The rows of bricks aren’t stacked evenly on top of each other, which creates a versatile pattern that can be set with angles or curves to cover every inch of your outdoor patio no matter how eccentric your design will be. The running bond will probably provide the cleanest and most elegant design for smaller outdoor patios that don’t provide ample room for a more unconventional design.

Basket Weave

patterns for brick patiosBy pairing bricks and laying one set horizontally and then one set vertically, the basket weave outdoor patio design is unique and diverse. The arrangement is casual and, unlike the running bond design, has a tiled feel to it. This tiled approach is beautiful on its own, but it also provides the opportunity to incorporate other designs into your outdoor home patio.


The herringbone brick pattern has been popular for centuries because of its clean, formal design. With diagonally placed bricks that zig and zag up and down, the pattern is commonly used to cover irregularly shaped outdoor home patios. The herringbone design is a more fluid pattern than the tiled basket weave design, but it’s more unique and diverse than the running bond. It’s a traditional, historic pattern that remains a timeless design, providing a beautiful foundation for your outdoor patio.When deciding between mediums for your custom home patio, consider brick as one of your top choices.

While sturdy and reliable, it’s easy to create unique and fabulous designs with bricks. The three designs listed above are great starting points, but with brick, you have the freedom to let your imagination run wild and expand on patterns to best suite your specific personality.

To learn more about the unique patterns that you can use for the design of your new custom outdoor patio, speak with the professionals at Paul Construction LLC.