sunesta1Contemporary homes need to have a strong balance between their architectural designs and outdoor living spaces. For a visual appeal, contemporary homes need to have contemporary elements incorporated into their decks or patios, and that includes the home’s awnings. But what are some modern awning styles you can incorporate into your exterior design?

Paul Construction has more than 20 years of awning experience and can assist you with selecting the perfect awnings to match your contemporary home. Read on for some inspiration.

Fabric Awning

retractable awnings A modern outdoor deck or patio can benefit from a fabric awning design that stretches out flat over a living space or lounge area. Fabric awnings provide a contemporary feel and create a perfect equilibrium between sun and shade. These types of awnings allow some light to filter through, keeping decks and patios shaded but not too dark.

Fabric awnings can stretch out to cover large areas, are lightweight, and are easy to take down when you want to. They look great paired with wood decks and homes and with a beach environment.

Industrial Design Approach

The minimalistic impression of industrial design elements is popular with contemporary homes, and your awnings can reflect this modernism. You also have the ability to get creative and add flare to the industrial nature of your awnings without breaking away from the minimalist appeal.

For example, you can build outdoor patio awnings with stainless steel brackets and support beams but use wood planks as your awnings covers. This pairing succeeds with incorporating the industrial elements that enhance modern homes while adding a rustic feel to the design elements to provide an outdoor living area that feels calm and serene.

Retractable Awnings

awnings for contemporary homesRetractable awnings are the epitome of awning designs, allowing for versatile functionality that benefits any home. The modern design of retractable awnings uses a motor to either extend your awnings over your patio or deck or pull it back flat against the wall. This allows home owners to fully enjoy their outdoor living space.

When it’s scorching hot outside, you can pull out your awnings for premier shade, but if you want sun after some time, you can pull back the awnings with the push of a button. It’s the perfect balance, and with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can match your retractable awning perfectly with your contemporary home.

Adding awnings to your contemporary home will not only increase its visual appeal but also will boost your potential to enjoy your outdoor living space. With the help of Paul Construction, your new awnings can incorporate modern designs to match your contemporary home. New awnings may just be the missing piece that turns your contemporary home into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re interested in installing awnings on to your contemporary home, you can contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC for expert advice and service.