awnings for town homesWith the addition of awnings, your townhome can be the perfect place to relax this summer. Your porch or patio can seriously benefit in both visual appeal and functionality from the installation of new awnings. But picking the right awning style for your townhome is crucial because you don’t want to end up with a large, overbearing, and poorly designed awning that doesn’t fit the style of your townhome.

To help you make the right choice for your new townhome awning, Paul Construction is here to provide some expertise on the various awning styles available to you and which would make the best choice for your townhome.

Continue reading to learn about our suggested awning styles for your townhome.

Retractable Awnings

For townhomes of all kinds, a retractable awning is the most practical style. With a retractable awning configuration, you have the ability to enjoy the sun or shade of your townhome’s deck or patio. These systems use motors to extend or retract the project of the awning so you can tailor your relaxation to perfectly fit the outdoor environment. All you need to do is push a button and you can experience shade or sun, whichever the weather calls for.

Townhomes can benefit from retractable awnings because when your awning is retracted, it holds tight against your wall so it’s unnoticeable and you can keep the aesthetics of your townhome.

Sunesta Sunlight

sunlight awningsPaul Construction is a provider of Sunesta brand awnings, and the Sunesta Sunlight retractable awning is a great awning style for townhomes. The Sunlight features the smallest projection of all of the Sunesta brand retractable awnings – 10 ft – but can be configured with a width up to 24 ft.

Because the majority of townhome patios and decks aren’t expansive outdoor living areas, residents don’t need to largest awning configurations. In fact, a large retractable awning installed on a townhome will look bulky and out of place. But with the Sunesta Sunlight, you can have a beneficial retractable awning that looks great on your townhome.

Along with the beneficial size of the Sunlight, townhome residents can choose one of the many available fabric styles of the Sunlight so their awning style matches perfectly with their townhome.

While having a retractable awning that’s the right size is important for residents of townhomes, so is the color and style of the awning fabric. With the multiple style options of the Sunesta Sunlight, you’ll be able to find one that matches your townhome’s exterior to make it even more pleasing.

Townhomes have as much potential as any other home when it comes to the ability to relax on an outdoor living area. With a Sunesta Sunlight retractable awning, townhome residents can benefit from the convenience of shade or sun by installing an awning that looks great with their home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the potential that a Sunesta retractable awning can have for your townhome, you can contact the professionals at Paul Construction LLC.