pool cabana ideas

When you’re laying out by your refreshing pool this summer, the only thing you’ll wish you had was a pool cabana. Take your outdoor pool area to the next level by consulting with a home construction company to design and build a pool house cabana that will transport you to an exotic oasis in your very own backyard. Read on to discover pool cabana ideas for your home, and get started on creating a luxurious retreat that’s just steps away from your back door.

Picture Perfect Pool Cabana Ideas

There are endless pool cabana ideas to create the perfect backyard retreat you’ve always dreamed about. But which one you choose largely depends on your lifestyle and what you intend to use a pool cabana for. There are several questions you should sort through to help create a customized design, but first ask yourself: What do I want out of my pool cabana? List out the functions of your cabana, whether that be outdoor entertainment, relaxing hang out by the pool, additional dining area, or simply a separate and private area to use as a changing room. Whatever the case may be, Paul Construction can help make your dreams become a reality.

  1. Location.To be considered a pool cabana, the structure should be no further than a few steps from the pool. However, maybe you have specifics about its location. In or out of the sunlight? Near side or far side from the house? Part of the rest of your backyard’s hardscaping or separate?
  2. Size.The size of your cabana will depend on the size of your backyard, the other structures and landscaping in your yard, the intended purpose of the cabana, etc. Knowing the general size will help focus the design.
  3. Design and Style. Here’s where you can have some fun! Do you want to go all out or keep it simple and practical? The answer just depends on your personal preferences! Some pool cabana ideas include a large opened structure featuring an outdoor kitchen, televisions, beverage cooler, and more! Other pool cabanas are completely enclosed structures with full plumbing and electricity, partitions, and seating.
  4. Finishing Touches. To complete your oasis-like pool cabana, don’t forget to plan for beautiful landscaping or hardscaping. Plants, bushes, or vines look great on and around a cabana. Also, consider a concrete patio or pathway to the entrance. Personalized touches through décor make pool cabana ideas go from good to great!

Paul Construction Specializes in Pool Cabana Ideas

If you need assistance creating an outdoor retreat in which to spend your summer days, contact the professionals at Paul Construction and Awning. You’re sure to be satisfied with our pool cabana ideas!