Backyard living spaces are wonderful for spending more time outdoors in the sun. But when the great outdoors is giving you too much sun, or mother nature decides to send an unexpected rainstorm, yard awnings are the perfect solution for shade and protection. With summer right around the corner, it’s the ideal time to install yard awnings for your outdoor living spaces.

Yard Awnings Create Perfect Shade Solutions

Looking for an easy way to transform your deck or patio space? Yard awnings do just that, while also providing a solution to your shade needs when the sun is coming on too strong. Sunesta, the leading pioneer in the retractable awning industry, offers top quality retractable awnings – putting you in control of your outdoor comfort. Simply turn a handle or push a button, and your awning will extend to provide instant shade and protection from harmful UV rays. But when you’re in need of some vitamin D, retract the awning and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunesta’s yard awnings provide other benefits in addition to shade and shelter:

  • Lower energy costs by shading the inside of your home, which keeps it cooler
  • Superior construction without the need for vertical support poles
  • The option for additional features and accessories, such as automatic sensors that adjust for the sun, remote controls, protective aluminum casings, and more
  • 100 percent solution dyed acrylic fabric – water resistant and backed by a 10 year warranty

Not sure how yard awnings might look in your backyard? Here are some examples of how Paul Construction and Awning has installed yard awnings for customers in the area. You’ll see how the awnings enhance the outdoor space, and look unique and complementary to each home.

yard awnings

This awning is the perfect addition to this poolside pergola. The homeowners can relax in the hot tub with protection from the sun, or they can retract it and bask in the sunlight. The added Sunesta Suncover creates provides overhead protection, as well.


yard awnings

Sunesta offers endless options when it comes to fabric colors and patterns. This awning color goes great near the sparkling blue waters of the pool. The larger awning provides shade over the entire patio, which is a great spot to relax and get out of the sun or rain.


yard awnings

Why not add an awning over your second floor balcony? Step out onto your custom made balcony in the morning to enjoy your coffee or read a book, and stay in control of your own comfort and protection with a yard awning.

Paul Construction to Install Yard Awnings

If you have questions about how yard awnings could enhance your outdoor living space, be sure to contact the professionals at Paul Construction and Awning. We’ll have an expert come by and discuss your options with you.