sunroom living room

Having a sunroom attached to your home is great because it is extremely versatile. One year you might use it for storage, and then the next year you might find yourself sprucing it up and utilizing it as the kids’ playroom. Another great idea is to convert it into a sunroom living room. Not only does this provide you with additional living space without constructing a complete addition, but it also gives you an open and unique space to relax in.

How to Create a Sunroom Living Room You’ll Love

Sunrooms can have many uses, but creating a relaxing sunroom living room will be one of the best ways to utilize the space. Here’s how you can convert your sunroom into a living room you can use year round.

  • This room made mostly of windows will provide ton of natural lighting, which means that you don’t have to turn the lights on to sit in the room during the day. As a result, you may end up saving on your electric bills! But make sure you install curtains or blinds so that you can create some additional privacy when you don’t want neighbors to see in! You can even strategically landscape the immediate outside area to block the windows a bit.
  • Because a sunroom living room is more than just a covered patio, you should take special care to choose flooring and furnishings that match the rest of the home. Ideally, the floor would be the same as the adjoining room. Or, use a large rug or carpet to contribute to the feeling of another room in the house rather than a converted patio feel. Furnish the room with plenty of seating, tables, lamps, and shelving. Stay away from wicker – keep that on the outdoor deck or patio.
  • Don’t install a heavy door to separate the sunroom living room from the rest of the house. Instead, keep an open archway that your family can easily walk through. If you prefer to have some sort of door in the entry way, opt for French doors.

Paul Construction – Sunroom Living Room Experts

Creating a sunroom living room in your home will provide you with additional living space and connect you to the outdoors while remaining indoors!

The experts at Paul Construction and Awning have been designing and constructing sunrooms and other home construction projects for decades! It’s no wonder why we’ve become the trusted contractors for homeowners in the area. Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation.