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As temperatures are rising outdoors, it’s the perfect time to heat up the grill on your Montgomery County deck. Barbecues and cookouts are a few of summer’s greatest delights. But any time you are dealing with fire, there are safety precautions to take. According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost 9,000 home fires a year involve grills. With proper care and safety, you can prevent injuries and other fire risks.

As you fire up your grill, keep these grilling safety guidelines in mind to protect yourself and your home:

  • Check for Leaks. With gas grills, it is important to check for leaks or breaks to the propane tank before the first use each year. A good way to detect any leaks in the grill hose is to apply soapy water to the hose and look for escaping bubbles. Be sure to also inspect the tubes that lead to the burner to make sure there are no blockages.
  • 80% Fill Rule. Propane tanks should never be filled more than 80% of their capacity. As temperatures increase, propane expands inside of the tank and needs more room.
  • Do Not Add Starter Fluid to Burning Charcoal. Once your charcoals are lit, or even if they are still warm from a previous use, do not re-add starter fluid. Doing so could be hazardous.
  • Proper Location. Your grill should be kept on a level surface at least 10 feet away from your house or other structures. Do not grill under low-hanging tree branches or overhangs on your home. If you want to stay under shade while grilling, or even grill during rainy weather, Paul Construction in Montgomery County installs retractable awnings. When installed at the proper height, a well-maintained grill can safely be utilized under an awning.
  • Never Leave a Grill Unattended. Always keep a close eye on your grill when it’s in use. Children and pets should be kept at least three feet back.
  • Clean After Use. After your cookout, remove any grease from the grill. For charcoal grills, close the lid tightly to extinguish coals and keep them there for your next use. If you’re ready to dispose of the coals, soak them in water before putting them into a metal can with a lid.

These are just a few tips to ensure a safe grilling experience. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to using your grill for the first time.

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