Montgomery County Custom Decks and Patios

Spending more time outdoors is proven to boost your mood and brighten your day (literally and figuratively). Would you like more privacy in your backyard area in order to enjoy it more? If you feel too exposed to neighbors or passersby on your Montgomery County custom decks and patios, there are plenty of budget-friendly methods to create a more private backyard oasis that you can relax in.

In Need of Some Privacy For Your Montgomery County Custom Decks and Patios?

Creating privacy for your backyard doesn’t have to mean permanent construction or expensive fences. There are simple and inexpensive ways to afford yourself a bit more exclusivity on your custom deck and patio in Montgomery County.

  1. Purchase plain drop cloths and design them however you want! Use spray paint to add bold colors, stripes, or unique designs. Attach them to an overhang for a fun and decorative way to add privacy.
  2. If you have any old shutters lying around, you can attach a few with hinges and use them as a folding partition. This allows you to remove it or extend it whenever you want that added concealment.
  3. For a less DIY look, you can purchase portable partitions for your deck or patio that get the job done and are aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Growing some greenery is a semi-permanent natural solution. For over exposed custom decks and patios in Montgomery County, fast growing plants are attractive and can be fashioned into a beautiful landscape.
  5. If you don’t want to block off your entire outdoor area, consider one of Sunesta’s outdoor products, which are perfect for providing privacy or open relaxation any time!

Sometimes a bit of seclusion from the outside world is much needed. Especially if you’re hosting a party or even just enjoying your pool or hot tub. No need to hide away indoors or avoid inviting guests over for an afternoon barbecue. Use these easy techniques to give yourself the privacy you need to enjoy your own backyard!

Paul Construction Can Make Your Outdoor Living Space Dreams a Reality

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