Outdoor Awnings for Decks

Do you want to enjoy your deck no matter what the weather? Outdoor awnings for decks provide the perfect solution for those who wish to remain outdoors despite the conditions, including the rain and heat. As a homeowner, don’t let the unpredictability of the weather determine when you can utilize your beautiful custom deck. With Sunesta retractable awnings, you’re in control!

Get The Outdoor Awnings For Decks You’ll Love!

Sunny days are perfect for barbecuing, relaxing outdoors with friends and family, and just sitting on your deck to enjoy nature. But the beauty of a sunny day can quickly become uncomfortable if the strong sunlight is beating down on you with no relief. The heat and the blinding rays ruin any good time. Outdoor awnings for decks solve this problem by allowing you to shield yourself and your guests from the harmful UV rays and cooling down your deck area. Similarly, there is no need to run indoors if an unexpected rain shower pops up during your backyard hangout. Now your outdoor picnics can last all through the day with the protection of one of these amazing retractable awnings from the Sunesta line:

The Sunesta – This awning is the largest option of the three, providing a maximum coverage of over 14 feet. It also offers automatic arm alignment in its retracted position. A good warranty is important to Sunesta; that’s why they offer a 15 year warranty on this product.

The Sunstyle – If you’re looking for outdoor awnings for decks that are medium sized, the Sunstyle is perfect for you. This awning projects to 11 feet, 6 inches and boasts a 12 year warranty.

The Sunlight – For smaller options, Sunesta offers the Sunlight, which has a maximum projection of 10 feet. This is ideal for smaller decks or patios or for just covering the section of your deck that has the picnic table. These awnings have two PVC-protected arm cables and come with protective hardware covers. The Sunlight has a 10 year warranty.

Paul Construction Installs Outdoor Awnings for Decks

You have the deck of your dreams, now use it any time you wish! Sunesta’s outdoor awnings for decks give you the confidence to enjoy your deck no matter what the weather. Rain, sun, or heat – it won’t affect your ability to use your outdoor space.

If you’re interested in Sunesta retractable awnings, Paul Construction offers superior installation services. Contact us today to inquire about these outdoor awnings for decks.