Bucks County landscape design

If you want a stunning Bucks County landscape design in the spring, you should consider starting the planning phase now! Then once it’s warm enough, you can begin planting right away. What are your goals for your Bucks County landscape design? Some goals may include providing privacy, increasing the value of your home, or just creating a visually beautiful space. In order to best reach your goals, there is an important aspect about landscape design in Bucks County that you cannot forget: Shading. The experts at Paul Construction explain how to plan your Bucks County landscape design around the shading in your yard.

Dealing With Shady Situations

In the past, you may have experienced the deterioration of your plants for reasons you could not understand at the time. Hopefully you have come to realize that a common reason for this is planting shade-loving plants in full sun and sun-loving plants in the shade! Every yard has different shade patterns, which require careful planning and design. But with the help of the professionals at Paul Construction, you are sure to have a beautiful and well-thought out Bucks County landscape design.

There are different levels of shading that plants require:

  • Light Shade. Plants requiring light shade generally do best in areas of the yard that average 5 to 10 hours of sunlight exposure per day.
  • Partial Shade. These are best suited in a location that gets less than 5 hours of sunlight a day. Such a location is usually a bit closer to the trees where the grass may be slightly thinning.
  • Full Shade. Less than 1 hour of sunlight, but may get some light through the trees.
  • Deep Shade. No sunlight reaches these areas; very shady.

By keeping in mind the sunny and shady areas of your yard, you’ll know where your plants will thrive. Be sure to tie in some unifying elements in your Bucks County landscape design so that the entire yard has a natural flow, rather than a completely different look in certain areas. There are many shrubs and trees that can endure varying degrees of sun and shade. Planting these as transition pieces can tie together different areas of your yard. Paul Construction design experts can suggest how to group plants based on their shapes and other visual elements.

Also, consider adding hardscaping elements, such as a stone walkway or patio. A gazebo is a beautiful focal point to place in the backyard as part of your landscape design.

Paul Construction – Local Experts In Bucks County Landscape Design

When planning for your Bucks County landscape design, remember to choose the right plants for the shading in your yard and plan accordingly. Paul Construction offers free in-home consultations in order to provide you with high-quality custom designs.

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