A patio cover is a great way to shade your outdoor patio and add to its aesthetic appeal. They’re easy extensions to your house and have the potential to be customized to match you design preferences and appliance needs.

To help you select the right patio cover for your home, take a look at our four tips for choosing a new patio cover.

Understand what a patio cover is

A patio cover is different from a gazebo or patio awning. A patio cover can’t be retracted and acts as a standing structure that’s primary purpose is shade and shelter while still providing the benefit of natural lighting. A patio cover usually is easy to configure and doesn’t require much maintenance. Unlike on a gazebo, a patio cover is solely an extended roof over your outdoor patio that’s held up by posts and not walls, making it easy to exit the confines of the shade from the roof. And unlike a patio awning, a patio cover is stationary and built with more solid materials.

Pick your patio cover based on your home’s exterior design

Because your patio cover is an extension of your house and a new dimension of your outdoor patio, it needs to match the designs around it to be visually appealing. This is includes factors such as color and shape. Don’t go crazy and get an outlandish patio cover that doesn’t match the appearance or functionality of your outdoor living space. Finding a patio cover that balances well with your outdoor décor will ensure it’s used and appreciated by your guests.

Choose the right material

Selecting the material that will best suit your needs and the patio environment will give you the best cover possible. Your patio cover can be constructed from materials such as wood, plastic, or aluminum. A patio cover can be built strong and can withstand dangerous elements. The right material also works toward you having the right design and visually appealing patio cover. Depending on the structure of your home and outdoor space, wood may look better than aluminum, or vice versa for that matter.

Patio Covers

Understand your ability to customize

A patio cover can be more than just a simple roof over your outdoor patio. You can equip your patio cover with lights, fans, speakers, or even misters to keep you even cooler during hot days. A major draw of a patio cover is that it can be much more than a roof. With a creative mind, you can make your outdoor patio the most relaxing area of your house.

An outdoor patio can be complimented by a patio cover to give you the most comfortable area for you and your family. Along with an area that’s shaded from elements, you can increase the value of your home and impress your houseguests. If you’re interested in learning more about potential a patio cover you could have on your outdoor living area, contact Paul Construction LLC.