The entrance of your house is one of the most important aspects of your home since it’s the first thing your guests will see when they pull up to visit you. You want the entrance to be visually appealing and inviting. Those aesthetically appealing aspects are possible with some simple home renovations that incorporate hardscape designs.

For those who are looking to begin a home construction project, a home hardscape designer can give you a beautiful new entrance that will increase the value of your home. To give you some inspiration, here are 10 house entrance hardscape designs.

Brick Paved Front Patio

A simple landing before your front door is inviting, and brick pavers are beautiful yet simple. You won’t be overdoing it with an over-the-top front entrance.

House Entrance Hardscape Ideas

Stone Walkway

A stone walkway can create a path from your driveway or front sidewalk to your house. This rustic pathway will guide your guests to and from your home in a pleasing manner.

Interlocking Brick Wall Garden

To spice up the front of your house during home renovations, you can elevate and widen your front garden with a brick wall surrounding it. Not only will these interlocking bricks expand your garden, they will expand the potential of your home by adding a new dimension to it.

Stamped Stone Pavement Driveway Over Grass

To increase your home’s curb appeal, a hardscape driveway design provides a modern yet rural entry. Using thick, wide stones that are separated by grass, your home will be unique and visually appealing.

Hardscape Flagstone Front Patio

By installing a hardscape front patio before your home’s entrance, you’ll increase your neighborly relations while also having an outdoor area where you can relax throughout the day.

Hardscape Exterior ideas

Driveway/Pathway Pavers

Your front yard will get a significantly noticeable boost when you replace your driveway with a hardscape design of pavers that flows into a walkway to your front door. Your hardscape pavers will last a long time while incorporating a more pleasing entryway.

Winding Brick Pathway

A brick pathway leading to your front door will act as an invitation to anyone who comes to visit. Winding your brick pathway and installing flowers or shrubbery to line the path will create a gorgeous entryway.

Stone Pilasters

Hardscape stone pilasters are space definers that create a visually appealing entrance when matched with your hardscape walkway.

Rock Wall Garden

A rock wall surrounding your front garden is a modern installment that gives your front entryway a tranquil, natural vibe that works well when paired with concrete steps.

Entry Arbor

To add aesthetic value to your home renovation, a simple hardscape arbor will provide the front of your house with a proper and engaging entryway.

Hardscape designs are a great addition to any front home renovation. If you’re considering home construction and looking for a top-tier hardscape designer, contact Paul Construction LLC to learn more about our hardscape services.