Home remodeling is using more and more advanced technology to make sure home construction is done in the most efficient and effective way. A new, popular method that Philadelphia construction companies are using is called thermal technology, and the benefits of this new technology on home construction lead to proficient remodeling. It works to identify problem areas in a non-contact manner that would otherwise go undetected.

To help you understand the benefits of thermal technology, we have listed the top four ways that thermal technology is helpful in home construction.

Moisture Detection

Thermal technology provides the capability to detect moisture around your home during construction. With thermal cameras, detecting moisture is easier than ever, which is extremely beneficial for you and your home construction project since moisture is one of the leading causes of structure deterioration, reducing air quality, raising your heating and cooling costs, as well as affecting your overall comfort. When there’s too much moisture in the air, toxic mold can grow, which will eat away at anything and potentially cause health problems down the line. With thermal technology, construction companies can identify this moisture or mold and eliminate it quickly.

Identifying Flat-Roof Leaks

Flat-roof leaks are caused easily but are tricky to find. They aren’t difficult to notice, since your roof is leaking, but finding exactly where the leak begins is difficult for the naked eye. Roof leaks will cause moisture buildup and deteriorate the structural components of your house. Thermal technology makes it easier to quickly identify the flat-roof leak you’re experiencing so it can be properly fixed to eliminate the possibility of any further damage.

Thermal Technology

Identifying Defective Insulation

The insulation in your outdoor home additions need to be properly installed to provide your home with the right amount of heating and cooling. Without proper installation, heat will escape from sunroom in the winter and linger in the summer. This will make your home additions uncomfortable and raise your utility bill. Thermal technology can detect improperly installed insulation so it can be fixed to give you the utmost comfort in every room.

Detecting Air Leakage

Philadelphia contractors also use thermal technology to detect air leaks inside your house and in your new home additions. Air leaks allow unwanted cold and warm air to continually enter and exit the rooms of your house, thus reducing the quality of your air and affecting your home’s structure. Air leakage is often the cause of moisture, and as explained before, moisture leads to mold.

Thermal technology is becoming an essential tool to prevent danger inside your home and give you the most comfort possible. High-tech cameras can identify problems that you wouldn’t be able to see with only the naked eye, and by pinpointing these problems during construction, they can be fixed before they get worse and spread throughout your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about thermal technology and how it can be utilized in your home, contact Paul Construction LLC today.