sunroom maintenance

A sunroom is made for relaxation and comfort. No one wants to build another room on the house just to add a longer list of monthly expenses and chores. With a sunroom, you’ll get all the benefits of additional living space without the hassle of constant upkeep. However, there is some sunroom maintenance to be done. Paul Construction and Awning provides simple guidelines to follow to keep your sunroom fresh and looking great for years to come.

Sunroom Maintenance is THIS Easy?!

Sunrooms are attached and enclosed structures, but they are not completely within the interior of the home. Because it is not used quite as heavily as a normal room within the home and usually has a more laid back vibe, sunroom maintenance tends to be low key. But here are a few tasks that should be done every so often in order to keep your sunroom in tip top shape.

  • Glass Cleaning. Because sunrooms are made primarily of windows, it is very important to make sure the windows are cleaned regularly or it may tend to look grimy and dirty. The best way to wash your windows is with warm water and a mild detergent, or with a glass cleaner. But make sure to avoid abrasive cleaners, because these may scratch the glass.
  • Clear the Gutters. Gutters on your sunroom are slightly different from the gutters on the rest of the house. Your sunroom gutters are installed level and may leave standing water. You should try to clear out your gutter system about every few months.
  • Roof Panel Cleaning. To wash the roof every few months, use warm water and a brush. If you need something more heavy duty, use a mild soap solution and warm water.
  • Reapply Silicone. Sunrooms use silicone caulk for sealing purposes. Once a year, you should remove all dirt and caulk. Once everything is cleaned and dried, you can reapply silicone caulk.

Paul Construction At Your Service!

There isn’t a ton of sunroom maintenance to be done, but don’t let this room fall by the wayside. Its versatility and functionality will quickly make it your favorite room in the house!

If you’re interested in learning about your sunroom options, Paul Construction is available to answer all your questions and show you their portfolio of work. We know you’ll love your sunroom because we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers!

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