In order to make the most of your exterior construction, retractable walls can be incorporated for a modern design that’s practical as well. To help you get inspired for your next exterior construction project, take a look at these four fun ways to include retractable walls in your exterior design.

Retractable Patio Screens

Your outdoor patio can be configured with retractable walls to provide you with a multi-dimensional outdoor living area. On one hand, you can be enjoying all of the benefits of an outdoor patio, including sun, fresh air and easy accessibility. However, your preferences, depending on a number of different factors can change very quickly. You may want privacy, shade and protection from insects on a particular buggy day, but you don’t want to go inside. With a retractable patio screen, you can better suit your patio environment for however you are feeling and what the natural environment throws your way.

Retractable wall in exterior designs

Separated Patio Rooms

With a retractable wall splitting your patio area in half, you can create two separate patio rooms. This gives you the opportunity to have more privacy and a more enclosed feeling when you’re out on your patio.

That being said, with a retractable wall, you can instantly make your two separated patio rooms into one, large outdoor area. This expansive patio space will perfect for outdoor parties where you’ll have a large number of guests. A retractable wall splitting a patio has a number of different possibilities.

Open Sunroom

A sunroom is a fantastic way to create space with natural light, which provides a relaxing environment for you and your family. However, there are some days when you just want to take down the walls and make the most of a beautiful day.

With a retractable wall in your sunroom, you can do just that. On days when the weather is perfect and you’d rather sit outside than inside four walls, a retractable wall will let you have the feeling of a patio or deck, but when it gets too cold or you’re experiencing poor weather, you can return the space to its original state by putting the wall back up.

Retractable Walls for Exterior Design

Open Dining Room

On summer nights when you want to enjoy your beautiful dining room along with the natural environment around you, a retractable dining room wall will let you watch the sunset as you eat dinner with your family. You can also eat breakfast while experiencing a beautiful morning sunrise, and your afternoons will include have a breath of fresh air thanks to the addition of your retractable wall.

A retractable wall is a luxurious feature to add to your exterior construction, as it opens up a wide range of possibilities for you home. If you’re looking to the learn more about the possibilities of a retractable wall in your home, you can contact Paul Construction LLC to speak with an expert on the subject.