How can you tell if you’re choosing the right products to keep your deck as beautiful and functional as possible? How much thought are you putting into what materials you choose for your custom deck?

Many of us tend to overlook what products we choose when designing and building a custom deck. Along with a visually appealing deck, you want to be sure that the materials you use will create a strong, safe deck foundation that will stay in great condition for years to come and increase the value of your home.

But how can you know that you’re picking the best custom deck materials when undergoing outdoor construction? To ensure your deck is dependable, choose TimberTech materials for your next custom deck. Take a look at some of the many benefits of TimberTech decking materials below.

benefits of timber techWide Selection of High-Quality Materials

TimberTech has a wide selection of products that you can choose from to get the custom deck you’ve always wanted. Whether you need a deck base, a railing, or lighting, you can count on TimberTech to get the job done. You can also choose from multiple decking materials so your custom deck can be designed to suit your preferences.

Whether you’re looking to build a wood or composite deck, TimberTech will provide the best quality materials that look beautiful. In addition, because TimberTech products are top of the line, your new custom deck will surely add value to your home.

Sustainable Products

While a leader in the decking industry, TimberTech works to integrate sustainable practices into the development and implementation of their products. Through a clean manufacturing process, TimberTech uses recycled materials in their products and reuses 99% of the waste that the company creates when building high-quality deck materials.

The company ships by rail and has reduced its electrical consumption without compromising the quality of its excellent products. All TimberTech products are free of formaldehyde, and the recycled material used in these products meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative sourcing requirements.

You can feel good about how your custom deck materials are processed and manufactured plus that there are no harmful chemicals used during the production process.

25-Year Warranty

TimberTech backs its products with a 25-year warranty for all of their customers. This can even be transferred to a second homeowner if needed. But the 25-year warranty shows just how much trust the company has in its decking materials. They’re designed to give you the best quality deck for decades.

Along with the company’s standard 25-year warranty, some of the products in the TimberTech line have a 25-year fade and stain warranty. This ensures that your deck won’t just be sturdy and dependable, but it also will look great and offer an appealing outdoor living space for your family and friends to enjoy as well.

If you’re interested in adding a new custom deck to your home, you can contact Paul Construction LLC to learn more about TimberTech products and services.