Richboro retractable awnings

The professionals at Paul Construction & Awning have become the trusted provider of retractable awnings for Richboro homeowners. Builder and Designer Paul Salassa takes pride in knowing that he has a 100% customer satisfaction rate in Richboro and beyond. In fact, one Richboro client recently praised Paul Construction for the quick ordering and installation process of his Sunesta retractable awning, in addition to the professionalism exhibited.

With the increase in deck and patio additions to the homes in Richboro, retractable awnings are also becoming more and more popular. Richboro residents are coming to realize that, while decks and patios provide wonderful outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy many activities, they appreciate the option of deciding when to have a covered outdoor space. That’s where retractable awnings in Richboro come in handy.

How Retractable Awnings In Richboro Improve The Use Of Your Outdoor Space

There’s no doubt that customized outdoor living spaces in Richboro have become a prime reason why residents have enjoyed spending time in their backyards more and more. But a quick glance at the Richboro weather forecast shows that the area will experience a mixture of sun, rain, and snow within the next few weeks. Some people might think that means they’ll be forced to remain indoors during the days with precipitation. But with a retractable awning in Richboro, you’re no longer stuck inside when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.

The Sunesta retractable awning projects over 14 feet and features automatic arm alignment in its retracted position. This will provide perfect protection from the elements, especially since Sunesta retractable awnings are equipped with waterproof fabrics. So if you have a sprawling outdoor kitchen where you were planning on whipping up a large meal, don’t let the rain stop you! Just retract your awning and continue with your cooking while keeping dry and comfortable.

Other benefits of retractable awnings in Richboro include:

  • Choosing between sun and shade
  • Lower cost than building a sun room
  • Energy savings
  • Indoor furniture protection
  • Longer lasting that non-retractable awnings

Paul Construction Remains the Richboro Favorite For Retractable Awnings

As more residents of Richboro experience the benefits of retractable awnings provided and installed by Paul Construction, the more they have come to trust and rely on the local family owned business.

Call today to see for yourself why Richboro residents can’t say enough about the professionalism and top-notch workmanship of Paul Construction.