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Getting the most out of your Bucks County deck requires regular care and attention. In order to keep your deck in pristine condition and enjoy it for many years to come, there are lurking threats from which deck owners must protect themselves.

Many people love the look of a wooden deck. While wooden decks are beautiful, they may attract more than just your invited guests.

Could Your Bucks County Deck Be Under Attack?

Your home is your castle; that includes your deck. Unfortunately, often times people aren’t aware until it’s too late that their castle is under siege.

One of the most imminent threats to a wooden deck is a wood-boring insect. Such insects can include:

  • Carpenter Ants – They are larger ants that are red or black. While they do not eat the wood, they bore through it, causing holes throughout your deck. They leave behind small piles of sawdust and other dead insects.
  • Termites – These creatures resemble ants, but they are smaller and have wings. Termites create pencil-sized tubes through wood and can cause major structural damage.
  • Carpenter Bees – While carpenter bees do not cause as much damage as termites or carpenter ants, they create a stinging hazard. They make nests in wood, and are evidenced by the perfectly round half-inch holes.

Contact Paul Construction of Bucks County to Protect Your Deck

Paul Construction of Bucks County knows prevention is your first line of defense. Protect your deck by sealing it. Insects are less likely to breed within healthy wood, so it is important to maintain the health of your deck. You could also opt to finish the wood of your deck with paint or varnish, as carpenter bees tend to be attracted to untreated wood.

You can also help prevent these pests from invading your deck by trimming any surrounding plants and eliminating standing water around the area. It is recommended that you regularly inspect the upper and lower portions of your deck to check for any signs of insect infestation.

If you’re considering adding a deck to your home, contact Paul Construction of Bucks County to discuss your options for design and materials. If you currently have a wooden deck, Paul Construction offers a variety of services, such as repair, resurfacing, or refacing if you have experienced damage from wood-boring insects.

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