Bucks Awning

Installing an awning is a great way to shade yourself from the sun’s glare or relax outside during a rain storm without getting wet. But what should you do when you do start getting damp from a sudden and unexpected leak in your Bucks awning?

The professionals at Paul Construction & Awning confidently install Sunesta Awnings to provide you with high-quality shade and protection. If you’re experiencing less than complete protection from your Bucks awning, read on to determine a potential reason for the leak.

Have A Leaky Awning?

Awnings are supposed to ensure protection, but accidents do happen. Any number of events may cause rips or tears in your awning, such as:

  • Storms that blow large debris
  • Strong winds
  • Piercings by sharp objects
  • Lack of cleaning or maintenance
  • Natural wear and tear

Leaking can also be caused by wearing of the fabric protector. Often times, consumers don’t realize the important differences between water resistant and water proof. Awnings with water resistant fabrics do not guarantee protection from the rain. Once the water pools up, it will start leaking through the fabric, which is sure to put a damper on your relaxation! Opting for a waterproof awning, like those offered by Sunesta, are sure to provide you with the leak-free protection you are looking for.

How To Prevent Leaks

Keep your awning in good condition by regular cleanings. Dirt, dust, and pollutants all contribute to the wear and corrosion of your awning fabrics. To ensure that your Bucks awning is cleaned properly and with the right tools, contact one of our professionals to conduct a thorough cleaning of your awnings.

Be sure to purchase high-quality awnings, such as Sunesta products. Part of the benefit of purchasing a Sunesta awning is knowing you are receiving the highest-quality products. In fact, Sunesta offers a warranty of up to 15 years on the product’s frame, up to 10 years on the fabric, and five years on the motor if your Sunesta outdoor product is installed with one.

Call Paul Construction To Install Your New Bucks Awning

If you’re looking for a new awning, Paul Construction is happy to install your very own Sunesta awning for you to enjoy this spring! If you’re the happy owner of an awning but are in the unfortunate situation of experiencing a leak issue, our professionals offer repair services. Contact us today so you can get back to leak-free awning enjoyment!