Montgomery County Construction

Tired of looking out at the same boring backyard every day? Want a home makeover of your outdoor areas? Your backyard dreams can become your new reality with Paul Construction & Awning, the Montgomery County construction company that wants to enhance the comfort and aesthetic environment of your backyard!

All too often, Montgomery County homeowners feel that they need to settle for common and unoriginal. If you are not the first owner of your home, you don’t have to stick with whatever construction was put in place before you. Renovations, rebuilding, and repairs are some of Paul Construction’s specialty services! And if you are the first to live in your home, you have the opportunity to start with a blank canvas. There are no limits to what our professionals can offer!

What Montgomery County Construction Services Interest You?

Whether it’s time for a new custom deck, awning repair, or stunning patios and hardscapes, your local Montgomery County construction company has you covered.

How can Paul Construction’s services benefit you? We’ll give you 3 ways!

    1. Adding an enjoyable outdoor space can enhance your mood! By extending your living space to the great outdoors, you’ll find yourself getting out of the house more. Every day activities such as reading, napping, cooking dinner, or drinking coffee can be enjoyed in the fresh air and sunshine instead of within the walls of your home. Studies show that frequent outdoor exposure has mood-boosting benefits! So get outside and be happy!
    2. Give yourself ample entertainment space. If you like entertaining guests, you know how cramped you can feel when everyone is limited to the indoors. If you are lucky enough to have a great outdoor space, you can extend your entertainment area beyond the inside of your home! Some homeowners have opted for outdoor kitchens, built-in seating, and even firepits in order to create a relaxing and entertaining space right outside their back door.
    3. Year Round Uses. While certain outdoor spaces may need to be winterized and are not very useful during the colder months, there are some Montgomery County construction projects that allow you to enjoy them year round! Take the sunroom, for example. A sunroom truly takes the indoors outside by extending off the home and being constructed mainly of windows to create a natural outdoorsy feeling. By installing double or triple paned windows, installing a baseboard heating system, and cozying up the room with thick, plush carpets, this room is a great place to relax with the family during the cold winter days.

No Project Too Big or Too Small!

Whether you’re looking for full construction services or just minor repairs, Paul Construction is the Montgomery County construction company ready to complete your vision. Contact our professionals today to schedule an in-home consultation. You can depend on us to get the job done. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!