types of gazebos

A gazebo is the perfect addition to any backyard. Whether you want a space to host your friends and family, an extra dining area, a bird watching sanctuary, a general entertainment zone, or just a peaceful place to relax, there are lots of different types of gazebos to choose from to enhance your backyard.

Interested in hearing about what types of gazebos most homeowners build in their yard? Paul Construction and Awning is here to answer your gazebo questions!

Types of Gazebos For Your Backyard

Spring is just around the corner and you will love having a brand new custom gazebo in your backyard to add to the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

The great thing about gazebos is that they can be as unique as your own personal style. Here are some of the most popular types of gazebos:

  1. Extension of your Deck. A great way to make your deck more versatile is by turning a portion of it into a gazebo area. This is a great way to keep your guests within the same area, but allow them to relax in different areas of the deck. And if it begins to rain or the glare of sun gets to be overbearing, simply set up under your gazebo!
  2. Traditional. You can always go with a traditional hexagonal or octagonal gazebo in the middle of your yard or on your custom patio. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful gazebo giving you all the extra space you need to dine or entertain.
  3. Pergola. A pergola is one that doesn’t have a floor. There are columns that support the rafters, but there is space between the rafters. While not providing complete shelter, it can be a gorgeous addition to your backyard, especially if you add ivy or flowers on the pergola. Another option is to add Sunesta outdoor products to give the shelter and shade you want.
  4. Square Lounge Area. You don’t always have to go with the traditional shape. A square gazebo is a great way to maximize the space in order to put couches and lounge furniture within the area.
  5. Victorian. For the ultimate beauty and grandeur, go with a Victorian design. With all the intricacies and curved details, a Victorian style gazebo might be the perfect addition to your backyard.

With all these types of gazebos to choose from, you’re bound to have the ideal space for spring!

Paul Construction For Your Gazebo Needs

If you’ve been meaning to take your backyard living space to the next level, adding a gazebo is the perfect way to do so. Contact the professionals at Paul Construction and Awning to discuss the different types of gazebos you can choose from.