Eagleville retractable awning

Paul Construction and Awning has been the trusted company by Eagleville residents for many years to install and clean retractable awnings in Eagleville. With over 25 years of experience, the professionals at Paul Construction have developed a reputation of excellence in customer service, craftsmanship, and skill. Our goal is always the complete satisfaction of our customers, and that is why we have a three point promise that includes:

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Investment guarantee
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee

As Eagleville retractable awnings become more popular, so does the need for retractable awning cleaning services. It is important to keep your retractable awnings clean and properly maintained in order to get the longest use out of them.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Eagleville Retractable Awnings

Upon installation of your brand new Eagleville retractable awning, the color is vibrant, the material is clean, and everything looks great. But even high quality Sunesta retractable awnings need proper maintenance, which includes cleaning, in order to remain aesthetically appealing and to extend its life.

You’ll decrease the likelihood of needing a replacement retractable awning in Eagleville if you know how to properly clean it. This may include doing the following:

  • Occasionally brush dirt and debris off your awning with a broom. Don’t forget to brush the joints of the awning so the debris doesn’t cause rust to form. Rinse the frame with a hose and wipe down with a cloth.
  • Regularly inspect the canvas for any tears or marks. If you start to see fraying form, it needs to be fixed before heavy wind gusts create significant tears. Tears can be costly to fix, and sometimes it requires replacement.
  • Use a water hose to spray the awning. To clear away bird droppings, tree sap, and other residue, warm water and a soft bristled brush will help. Allow the awning to dry completely before applying a rain repellent.

Regular cleaning of your Eagleville retractable awning can be quick and easy to do. But for more advanced and thorough cleanings (typically recommended about twice a year), you might opt for a professional to come over and make sure it’s done right. Paul Construction & Awning provides professional cleaning of your Eagleville retractable awnings.

Paul Construction – The Eagleville Retractable Awning Professionals

If you haven’t considered it yet, it’s time you think about installing retractable awnings to your home or business. The options and benefits are endless, and you’ll love the high quality fabrics and frames from Sunesta. Contact our professionals today to hear more.