Retractable Screen Installation Services in Bucks County

Imagine having the benefit of enjoying a beautiful outdoor area but also having the option to enclose the space whenever you wanted. Fortunately, this can be the reality for anyone desiring a bit more control of their outdoor surroundings.

Sunesta has a line of retractable screens and shades that can be outfitted to most structures. If you’re interested in enhancing your home with one of these unique features, check out the retractable screen installation services in Bucks County that you’re sure to love!

Best of Both Worlds

If you love the feeling of sitting outside on a cool autumn night, you may not be willing to opt for a permanently enclosed sunroom. However, swatting away bugs or rushing to store away furniture and valuables before a thunderstorm may have you wishing you had more of a sheltered area to relax in. Paul Construction carries top-of-the-line Sunesta products that will offer you the best of both worlds.

Not only does Sunesta provide the perfect awnings for your home, but they also offer retractable screens and shades!

The Sentry – Made of high-quality fabric, you can raise or lower this retractable captured edge screen according to the weather or level of sunlight. With this product, you are in control of your living space. The Sentry can cover a patio, your windows, doors, and more.

This screen is customizable and comes in many different materials.

  • Insect screens will keep the bugs away while you enjoy a relaxing night on your patio.
  • Solar Meshes provide protection from the sun.
  • If you seek privacy or the ability to control the brightness, an opaque fabric may suit your needs.
  • Want to have the screen lowered but still enjoy the view outside? Sunesta provides clear vinyl windows to keep out the cold and protect you from the elements.

The Sunroll – This retractable screen that provides protection to your covered outdoor space is a top-rated, popular product in Bucks County retractable screen installation services. If you have an area that is up to 12 feet high and 24 feet wide, you should be considering the Sunroll retractable screen installation services in Bucks County that Paul Construction provides.

Benefits include:

  • Manual or motorized options
  • Sleek look
  • Numerous installation options, including on uneven or decorative surfaces
  • Sunroll Smartcase, which offers complete fabric protection
  • Frames that come in many colors

Paul Construction – The Place For Bucks County Retractable Screen Installation Services

There is no better way to fully enjoy your outdoor space than with Sunesta retractable screens and shades. Sunesta offers excellent warranties on their products’ frames, fabrics, and motors. Contact the professionals at Paul Construction today to receive more information on the warranties and how to choose the best Sunesta product for your home. If you’re considering retractable screen installation services in Bucks County, call Paul!