Deptford sunroom

Most Deptford, NJ homeowners find themselves needing additional living space at some point. How can you resolve this without buying a whole new house? Simple! Add a structure such as a Deptford sunroom or a screened in porch. Both of these enclosed living spaces give you privacy and plenty of room for entertainment, but they are also each different in their own ways. There are benefits to each option. Paul Construction and Awning will help you explore the differences.

How to Choose Between a Deptford Sunroom or a Screened In Porch

Sunrooms and screened in porches are two similar yet very different structures. Your decision will largely depend on your personal preferences and whether you need livable space year round.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine which structure is best for you:

  1. During the warmer months, would you prefer to feel as if you were outside but with added privacy and protection from bugs and the elements? Or do you hope to stay within your home, but in a bright sunny room with cooling abilities?
  2. How many months out of the year do you plan to use the room?
  3. What will the main purpose of the room be?
  4. Do you plan to add electronics to the room, such as TVs or speakers?

Of the two options, a screened in porch will be the better choice for you if you only care to use the space during the milder months, but not in extreme heat or extreme cold; you’re looking to keep the construction and maintenance costs as low as possible; and you hope to avoid insects but aren’t bothered by pollen or other allergens.

A Deptford sunroom will be better for homeowners who want year round use of the room, regardless of the weather; want the ability to insulate the room and have heating and cooling functionality; don’t mind the extra construction and maintenance costs due to the more versatile usage of the room; and want to remain protected from wind, rain, insects, dust, and pollen.

Paul Construction and Awning Wants to Help With Your Deptford Sunroom

If you’re having trouble with deciding between a sunroom vs. screened in porch, be sure to contact the skilled professionals at Paul Construction to discuss your options. We’ll answer all your questions! Schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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