Montgomery County Four Season Room

Living in Montgomery County, we’re lucky to be able to experience all four seasons. Every season is beautiful, and there are many things to experience each time of year, including the beauty of the outdoors. Although screened in porches are also popular choices among homeowners, a Montgomery County four season room, also known as a sunroom, is a great way to enjoy each season from a protected living space while still feeling like you’re a part of the great outdoors.

Why Choose A Montgomery County Four Season Room?

Being outdoors is great – fresh air, warm sun, cool breeze, and the sounds of nature are scientifically proven to boost your mood. But sometimes it’s great to have the option for some protection from the elements and the not-so-great parts of nature (unpleasant smells, bugs, noises, etc.). A screened in porch is one way that homeowners create that much-needed protection. But a Montgomery County four season room is the better investment and more beneficial for year-long use.

Here are some differences between a screened porch and a four season room:

  1. Protection from Weather. A screened porch will offer some protection from the elements, but for the most part it’s best used only in comfortable weather. You won’t be protected from uncomfortable heat or cold, nor will you be kept dry during storms where there is slanted or blowing rain. A four season room in Montgomery County will be useful in all weather conditions and temperatures due to double paned insulated glass and HVAC installation.
  2. Protection from Allergens. Many people suffer from allergies, whether due to pollen, dust, grass, or bugs. A screened porch is a great place to sit out and relax…unless you have any issues with the above. A screen cannot protect from the infiltration of pollen and dust. A four season room, on the other hand, will keep insects out and minimize pollen and dust when the windows are closed, allowing you to enjoy your sunroom without the effects of allergy triggers.
  3. Utilization. Screened in porches are only useful during part of the year. Once the temperatures drop too low and the snow begins to fall, there’s not much you can do on your porch. But in a four season room, you can utilize the space year round, even in the winter. You can also decide to use this space however you choose, such as a fitness room, extra dining space, gathering area for guests, an art studio – the possibilities are endless!

Contact Paul Construction For Your Montgomery County Four Season Room

As you can see, a four season room in Montgomery County is versatile and cost-effective. If you’re ready to enjoy more living space without the commitment of building on a full addition, contact the professionals at Paul Construction & Awning and schedule your free in-home consultation.