Washington Crossing retractable awnings

As a long time full-service construction company in the Washington Crossing area, Paul Construction & Awning has earned the reputation of reliable, highly skilled professionals who provide top quality workmanship. That’s why we always aim to fulfill our three-point promise to all our customers, which includes:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. Investment Guarantee
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If you’re a resident in Washington Crossing, consider discussing all your construction needs with Paul Construction, especially when it comes to retractable awnings in Washington Crossing. Paul Construction knows that Washington Crossing retractable awnings provide great aesthetic value and protective qualities to your home. We know you’ll love these great products this summer.

The Summer Season Calls For Washington Crossing Retractable Awnings

As you’re sitting out on your back patio this summer, you’ll long for some shelter from the blazing hot sun or that unexpected passing rain storm. Neither of these things should keep you from enjoying the natural beauty that Washington Crossing has to offer! Luckily, Washington Crossing retractable awnings from Sunesta provide the protection you need from both the sun or the rain, and they also help keep your energy costs down!

How can a retractable awning in Washington Crossing help you this summer?

  1. Energy Savings. Did you know that extending your awning helps keep the inside of your home cool? Without the sun shining in through the windows, your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to keep the temperatures low. A retractable awning is a natural way to cut your costs and save energy. (Bonus: it will also save your carpet and furniture from sun fading!)
  2. Protection From The Elements. Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. But summer also brings with it heat, a glaring sun, and the occasional rain shower. Don’t let these things disturb you and force you indoors! Instead, utilize your Washington Crossing retractable awning to keep you cool under the shade, shield yourself from the sun’s rays, and keep you dry and protected. Simply retract it when you choose to enjoy the sun’s warmth!
  3. Aesthetic Quality. Sunesta retractable awnings come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. They are made with a 100% solution dyed synthetic fabric to keep your awning free of mold, mildew, and fading! A retractable awning in Washington Crossing is a beautiful addition to any home or business that needs some sprucing up.

Paul Construction Provides Washington Crossing Retractable Awning Installation

Ready for your new Washington Crossing retractable awning this summer? Contact the experts at Paul Construction & Awning for a great customer service experience and professional installation. We’ll discuss your options and help you pick the best retractable awning for you!