Designs for your Outdoor KitchenAdding an outdoor kitchen to your patio or deck provides a great opportunity to entertain your guests and family. You can host cookouts on warm afternoons and evenings without having to leave your company or outdoor space. But to effectively utilize your outdoor kitchen, you need to equip it with the essential appliances.

There are many great appliances that will boost the potential of your outdoor kitchen, but there are also ones that are unnecessary. Read on to determine which appliances will benefit your design the most.


Your indoor kitchen can’t hold a grill. So instead of putting your grill in an obscure place on your deck or patio, you should work it into your outdoor kitchen’s layout. This will let you grill with the most convenience. All of your utensils will be right there, your food can be found in your mini fridge, and your guests will be nearby so you won’t have to put a conversation on hold to tend to the grill.

Mini Fridge

You probably have a full-size refrigerator in your indoor kitchen, but your outdoor one doesn’t need to sacrifice a significant amount of space for another one, especially since you can still keep items in your larger indoor fridge.

Instead, you should incorporate a mini fridge into your outdoor kitchen. It’s beneficial to place it somewhere that’s hidden yet easily accessible. This will let your guests take in the beauty of your outdoor kitchen without including a refrigerator that looks out of place because it’s too big. A mini fridge can effectively hold cold drinks for hot days and give you enough space to hold any food you’re preparing for that evening’s menu.


A stovetop increases the potential of your outdoor kitchen by providing a platform to cook a variety of different dishes. Instead of using your indoor kitchen to boil water or sauté vegetables, your outdoor stovetop will allow you to incorporate a multitude of cooking methods while enjoying the ambience of your outdoor deck or patio. Like having a mini fridge or a sink, having an outdoor stovetop will prevent you from cutting off conversations with guests to go inside to cook food.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories


For convenience, your outdoor kitchen should have a sink. This makes washing fruits and vegetables or cleaning off dirty places much easier since you won’t have to take them back and forth between your outdoor deck or patio and your indoor kitchen.

However, since your outdoor kitchen, including a sink, is susceptible to the effects of the environment, don’t waste your money on an overly fancy sink that may end up being damaged. Get a sink that’s durable and gets the job done.

When adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio or deck, stick to the essential appliances that will provide an efficient cooking platform that lets you enjoy your outdoor living space.

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