If you’ve been considering home improvement projects or expansions, a Bucks County outdoor living space is a great way to expand your home. An outdoor living space can function as a separate entity – a place where you escape to relax in the sun during summer days, weekends, and after long days at the office. Here are a few outdoor living trends that have proven popular in recent years:

  • Sunrooms – A sunroom naturally blends the elements of indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s an enclosed space, but one that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors regardless of the weather. A sunroom can act as a natural transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, and allow you to enjoy nature throughout all four seasons. Consider adding sliding glass doors to create an even more seamless transition.
  • Synchronized themes – You can simply yet effectively blend your indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating the same visual elements across both. When choosing outdoor furniture, fixtures, and accessories, try to find a color scheme that matches the interior of your home. This will do wonders for creating a sense of unity.
  • Outdoor/Indoor features – A full-scale outdoor living space incorporates the comfortable features we’re accustomed to in the interior of our homes, but outdoors. Add an outdoor kitchen complete with a grilling station, refrigerator, tables, and seating. You can also install an outdoor living room with lighting, comfortable outdoor furniture, an outdoor fireplace, and even a television.

Developing a luxurious Bucks County outdoor living space is a fantastic way to expand your home!

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