Retractable Awning Pennsylvania

What is the best way to boost your property’s aesthetics while also adding a functional component? There are many home improvement projects that can do just that–custom decks, gazebos, walkways and patios are a few–but the simplest and most cost-effective solution might just be a Pennsylvania retractable awning. Want to catch some rays and get a beautiful summer tan? Roll up the awning with a click of your remote. Ready to take a break from the balmy heat and glaring sun? Use your remote to unfurl the canvas shelter overhead! It couldn’t be more simple and convenient.

To keep your retractable awning looking its best and running smoothly, it’s essential that you don’t neglect some basic maintenance. Without the proper upkeep, even the most flawlessly installed structures can start to encounter issues–not to mention the dirt and grime that builds up from lack of cleaning! Rather than having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of replacement, prevent major damage by having routine maintenance for awnings performed.

Keep Your Awnings in Great Condition

No one likes the look or smell of mold and mildew. Why let it build up on your home? Even the best retractable awnings Pennsylvania homeowners can purchase are susceptible to the wear and tear of nature.

If you want to tackle the problem on your own, clean off mildew and other debris with warm water and soap. If you decide it’s a job better left to the professionals, Paul Construction is more than willing to step in. We consistently get positive feedback from our clients, whether it’s an installation, a repair, or simply maintenance! Check out the testimonial we received from a past homeowner who commissioned our team:

“Thank you for a great experience! You said three weeks until install…it is installed in less than that! Steve and Josh were great people to deal with, you should be proud to have them working for you! Paul, you and your wife were very professional and a pleasure to do business with. You will definitely be recommended to friends if they are looking for an awning or other construction work.” – John P.

We’ll Maintain Your Pennsylvania Retractable Awning

Don’t wait until the damage is done–regular maintenance of Pennsylvania retractable awnings is the best way to keep them looking just like new! Not comfortable getting up there and cleaning it yourself? Just contact the professionals at Paul Construction for help with the care of your awnings. We look forward to hearing from you!