Bucks County Outdoor Living Spaces

A current trend in Bucks County outdoor living spaces is bringing the best of the indoors outside! No longer is a deck just for a picnic table and chairs. Many of the features you enjoy inside your home are now being replicated for your back deck or porch. Love to cook but don’t want to be cooped indoors? Build an outdoor kitchen equipped with everything you need to serve your guests a culinary masterpiece. Feel like watching Sunday’s games on a big screen in the great outdoors? Install one outside shaded by a retractable awning.

Another great option to add to your custom deck is a fireplace. Outdoor fireplace construction is becoming more and more popular in Bucks County outdoor living spaces, and you don’t want to miss out!

Adding a Fireplace To Your Backyard Design

Including a custom-built fireplace in your Bucks County outdoor living space design plans will maximize the value and enjoyment you get from your backyard oasis. Before jumping in, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when planning for your new outdoor fireplace.

  • Location. We can guarantee that your new fireplace will be one of the most popular spots in your Bucks County outdoor living space. Consider the fact that there will likely be heavy traffic around this area, and plan accordingly. Do you want it built into your deck right off the back door; in a separate seating area; or further back in your yard? This will be based on your preferences, type of fuel, and the size of your outdoor living space.
  • Design Style. This is where you can get creative. There are so many beautiful options when it comes to designing your outdoor fireplace. You might choose a traditional brick design, or perhaps intricate stonework. Some homeowners wish for their fireplace to blend right in with the design of the patio that it’s built into, while others prefer that their fireplace stand out with a separate design.
  • Use. What is your main reason for adding a fireplace to your outdoor living space in Bucks County? It could be to add warmth to those crisp fall nights, the long winter, and chilly spring evenings. A fireplace extends the use of your outdoor living space into the colder months. Fireplaces are also a great way to add to the relaxing ambience of your outdoor space. Even during the summer, a glowing fireplace provides cozy relaxation as you gather friends and family. And don’t forget tasty treats! Roasting hotdogs and making s’mores will always be an option if you have an outdoor fireplace!

Call Paul Construction For Bucks County Outdoor Living Space Customizations

Designing your Bucks County outdoor living space is a creative expression that your family will enjoy for years to come. Consider adding an outdoor fireplace to enhance your backyard space. Contact the professionals at Paul Construction & Awning for your free in-home consultation.