Buckingham retractable awnings

When you decide to outfit your home or business with an attractive awning, why wouldn’t you look for the best? There’s no comparison: Sunesta awnings come up as the top choice in the Buckingham retractable awning search. Paul Construction knows that quality products are important to our customers in beautiful Buckingham – that’s why we supply and install these great awnings to add the finishing touches to your outdoor living space.

Why Should You Get A Buckingham Retractable Awning?

Home and business owners are choosing to install Buckingham retractable awnings for a multitude of reasons. Sunesta awnings provide durability, attractiveness, cost savings, and great warranties!

  1. Durability. Sunesta retractable awnings are made with acrylic fabrics that are 100% solution-dyed. This helps prevent color fading or running from the sun or elements. Additionally, the fabrics are waterproof – sure to keep you dry without the annoying leaks you experience with some competitors’ awnings. This also means no worrying about mold or mildew!
  2. Attractiveness. A Buckingham retractable awning has the ability to add to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. So when comparing the competitors, you’ll be sure to find that Sunesta awnings offer the best in terms of looks. With the large selection of fabrics, colors, and designs, you’re bound to find something to fit your preferences. Sunesta products are fully customizable to the particular needs of your home and your style!
  3. Cost Savings. Believe it or not, Buckingham retractable awnings can help you save money on your energy bills! By providing shading from the sun, awnings will help naturally cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs by up to 25%. In the wintertime, retracting your awning will allow for the sun to shine in and warm your home.
  4. Warranties. Sunesta offers incredible warranties on their products. All three of the Sunesta retractable awnings (The Sunesta, The Sunstyle, and The Sunlight) boast a 5-year warranty on the motor, 10-year warranty on the fabric, and LIFETIME warranty on the frame! The only risk involved is loving the products too much that you’ll want to buy one for every part of your home!

Who’s Better Than Sunesta? No One!

In addition to the reasons above, Sunesta is the leader in the Buckingham retractable awning industry. For over 35 years, they have provided their customers with quality design, unmatched engineering, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service.

Sunesta customers love that their retractable awnings in Buckingham are strong, easy to use, and of excellent quality. What else could you want in an awning?

To hear more about Buckingham retractable awnings, contact one of our skilled professionals at Paul Construction, and we’ll send someone to your home to discuss installation options.