4 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Collingswood Patio

Your custom patio is an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place to relax, to spend time with family and to reunite with friends. Choosing the perfect furniture to complement the many uses of your patio is time-consuming task; you’re looking for items that are comfortable, luxurious and durable. At Paul Construction and Awning, not only do we design and build custom patios in Collingswood, but we also install Sunesta retractable awnings and canopies to give you full control over sun and shade and to enjoy your outdoor space in all weather conditions.

We can also help you choose the right furniture for your outdoor space. To learn about our custom patios, hardscaping services or retractable awnings, call 610-287-1623 and ask for Paul.

Until then, read on to brush up on the ultimate tips for choosing patio furniture:

1. Try Before You Buy

Want a reliable review of any patio furniture? Take a seat. You could read every review in the world, but nothing compares to taking an outdoor seat for a test drive.

2. Go for Low Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the perks of easy-care patio furniture such as teak, cedar, wicker, or metal pieces. These materials are worth the price of admission, buying you less time spent cleaning watermarks and stains and more time enjoying your favorite outdoor space.

3. Keep It Simple

Stores are lined with shelves of bright and shiny objects, but you should ignore the impulse to go all out and opt for a minimalist approach instead. Make a list of how many people you want to seat and what you want to use the space for; chances are that lawn flamingo doesn’t factor into the plan.

4. Store Your Furniture

Even the sturdiest patio furniture can succumb to the mother nature’s relentless winds and rains. Protect your patio furniture from the elements by stashing it away in your garage, shed, or even a dedicated storage unit during the winter months.

Transform Your Collingswood Patio Today!

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