benefits of using trex materials for composite decksWhen you envision your dream custom deck, you probably picture an elegant outdoor layout consisting of high-quality, long-lasting materials and features. To make this vision a reality, you need to choose a trusted source for decking materials before completing your remodeling project. But how do you know that you’re getting the best quality materials for your custom deck?

To be sure that you’re getting top-level, high-performance products for your outdoor remodeling project, put your trust in Trex decking materials. Since 1996, Trex has worked to perfect how decks are built and maintained, leaving customers satisfied with elegant, low-maintenance finished projects.

There are a variety of benefits to using Trek materials for your custom deck, including the availability of protective shells, deep wood grains, and multiple color options plus the use of recycled materials. Read on to find out how Trex composite materials can give you the custom deck you’ve always wanted.


While some deck manufacturers stress their positive opinions regarding adding a custom wood deck onto a home, Trek composite decking materials have numerous advantages that can’t be matched. Unlike wood decking materials, Trek products resist:

  • Fading and stains
  • Warping, rotting, and splitting
  • Mold and mildew
  • Termites
  • Splinters

With your Trex composite deck, cleaning can be accomplished with just soap and water, unlike wood decks, which require vigorous amounts of cleaning and the use of protective products to keep them in good shape.

Diverse Product Line

To complete your vision for your outdoor living area, you can pair your custom deck with different accessories for a comprehensive remodeling project. Along with professional decking materials, Trex also features low-maintenance, high-quality deck railings, outdoor lighting, industry-first steel deck framing, and much more. The company also offers furniture, pergolas, and other trims you can utilize when creating your custom deck.

Trex Materials for Composite DecksWith these various options, Trex gives you the potential to mix and match in order to create an entire system of Trex outdoor living materials. It’s a package deal that can provide all of the elements you need for a full, multi-dimensional custom deck.

Green Material

Trex is dedicated to creating products for environmentally friendly outdoor living spaces. During its composite decking manufacturing process, 95% of the materials are comprised of recycled materials. These include old wood, sawdust, and plastic film in order to create an environmentally conscious yet sturdy and dependable custom composite deck.

Creating the materials for custom decks can significantly impact the environment, and it’s hard to find a company that’s fully aware of its environmental footprint like Trex is. You’ll be able to enjoy your custom deck even more knowing that its components were manufactured in a green manner.

Trex products will benefit your custom deck because they’re long lasting and high quality and they’re produced through environmentally friendly practices. You’ll finally be able to bring to life the dream deck you’ve always envisioned.

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of Trex decking materials, you can contact Paul Construction LLC to speak to a representative.