Winter deck

As you prepare yourself for winter by pulling out the heavier coats and turning up the heat, don’t forget to prepare your Bucks County outdoor structures, as well! Your custom decks, patios and walkways also feel the effects of the cold winter weather. This season, make sure you follow some simple steps to preserve the life of your outdoor structures in Bucks County so that they are in great shape come spring.

Protect Your Bucks County Outdoor Structures From Winter Weather

  1. Clean Them Thoroughly. The first step is to clean the surfaces of each outdoor structure. You may have enjoyed many wonderful fall nights on your deck by the warmth of your fire pit. Maybe you still have remnants of the backyard Halloween party you hosted. Or maybe you just haven’t given your deck or patio a good power washing in a while. Whatever the case may be, cleaning the surfaces is a necessary first step to winterizing your outdoor spaces. Remove all the leaves that have accumulated on your deck so that the moisture doesn’t cause mildew or mold, discoloration, or water damage to the wood. Have a composite deck? That needs to be cleaned, too!
  2. Protective Finish Application. For natural wood decks, applying a water-repellant finish is the next step after cleaning. Moisture comes in many different forms during the winter: snow, sleet, and ice, to name a few. Sealing a deck will protect it from any kind of precipitation. Protective finishes should only be applied when your wooden structure is completely dry. Composite decks (a wood alternative) do not need to be sealed! Just use a composite deck cleaner for this low-maintenance material. On the other hand, you can apply a stone or concrete sealer to patios and walkways. This will help prevent cracking due to water and ice melt chemicals.
  3. Practice Good Maintenance. Thoroughly washing your outdoor structures in Bucks County regularly will help extend their lifespan and aesthetic qualities. And if you are dedicated to removing snow soon after it falls, you’ll further prevent long-term damage.

Paul Construction Can Help!

If you need some assistance with preparing your Bucks County outdoor structures before winter weather hits, contact the professionals at Paul Construction. We would be happy to assess your home’s outdoor needs and do the prep work for you! With more than 25 years in the industry, you can trust that our skilled and experienced team has you covered no matter what construction services you’re looking for.