We knew it couldn’t last forever. Sooner or later, this mild winter would give way to the heavy snows we’ve become accustomed to in the Montgomery County area. As any local knows, blizzards mean cabin fever, dangerous road conditions, and sometimes physical injuries from strenuous shoveling.

All of that aside, how does such a heavy snowfall impact your Montgomery County deck? Here are some answers to common concerns deck-owners may have during or after a blizzard:

  • Less than three feet? Don’t sweat a collapse – Some owners may worry that extreme snowfall will lead to a collapse of the very structure of their deck. In all but the most extreme storms, this shouldn’t be a concern. As long as your deck is properly built, you have nothing to worry about as long as the snow doesn’t reach above your rails (which are usually at least three feet high).
  • What about damage to the wood? – Water damage to the wood is another concern some deck-owners may have. However, this is mostly an unfounded fear. Your deck is cleaned with water during the summer, and some deck experts even recommend spraying it down with water to cool it off on brutally hot days. In short, your deck wood won’t sustain any serious damage from heavy snowfall.
  • So do I need to shovel my deck? – The short answer is no, you don’t need to shovel your deck, at least not entirely. It would be wise to shovel out a walkable path leading from your backdoor through your deck (and in some places, it’s the law). For homeowners who have cold blood and enjoy spending time in their outdoor living space even during the winter, some shoveling may be necessary to create a liveable area.

So if your back and arms are aching after shoveling two feet of snow off your sidewalk, you can find some relief in that your Montgomery County deck won’t need much attention. As long as you can still see the rails, shoveling out a small walkable path is usually all that’s necessary.

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