Bucks County Backyard Living Space

At Paul Construction, we understand the mindset of the smart homeowner. Providing a comfortable and enriching home environment for our families is one of the most important duties in life. So when you’re looking into a big-ticket purchase such as a backyard living space or home expansion, it’s important to strike a balance between luxury and fiscal responsibility. Fortunately for those of us who have big dreams of a backyard paradise, decks, patios, sunrooms, and other home additions are some of the most sound home improvement investments you can make. There are a few positive financial aspects of adding a backyard living space to your Bucks County home:

  • High ROI – According to a “2015 Cost vs. Value Report” by Remodeling Magazine, a wooden deck yields an average return-on-investment of 80.5%, which was one of the top 5 highest for home improvement projects. As any financially shrewd homeowner knows, this is a crucial factor to consider when making significant purchases.
  • Increased Square Footage – Adding a backyard living space to your home effectively increases its square footage, which is one of the easiest ways to boost property value. Doing this by way of a backyard living space is also much more cost-effective than building a full expansion of the home – deck construction costs about half as much as home construction, according to national averages.
  • Increased Marketability – Clearly, the main reason for investing in a backyard living space is to provide a space for cultivating memorable experiences with family and friends. But at the same time, it’s important to look toward the future. When the kids are grown up and retirement is on the horizon, you’ll be looking to get the full value for your home. For many families in the market for a new home, a premium backyard living space is seen as a necessity. Furnishing your home with one will help give you the full package for prospective homeowners if you’re ever on the market.

For frugal homeowners looking to improve their home environment while staying fiscally responsible, a Bucks County backyard living space is an ideal intersection of luxury and practicality. Your investment will provide years of bonding experiences with family and friends without doing major damage to your savings.

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