If you’re the lucky owner of a backyard pool in Bucks County, why not take full advantage of your backyard living space? While the pool may be the centerpiece, you can surround it with accenting features to create a well-rounded and comfortable hangout with multiple functions. Building a pool cabana is a great way to accomplish this goal, but make sure you also take advantage of the many possibilities for customization. Some of our favorite customization options and benefits include:

  • Shade and shelter – On those days when the sun is beating down, or the forecast is calling for passing showers, a cabana can be a lifesaver. You always have the option to escape the heat or quickly get out of the rain and relax.
  • Additional seating – Having adequate seating options near your pool is a necessity for providing a welcoming environment for your guests. The cabana provides a space to relax away from the pool to enjoy food or drinks when you’re tired of swimming.
  • Tables and bars – Adding tables and bars under the shelter of your cabana is a great way to upgrade your space and give it the feel of a private resort.
  • Outdoor kitchen – Tie your cabana space together with a full-blown outdoor kitchen. Grilling poolside instead of having to return indoors lets you get the maximum enjoyment out of your backyard living space, and allows you to keep enjoying the company of your family and guests.
  • Outdoor fireplace or firepit – When night falls and the air gets a little chilly, an outdoor fire source can help you extend the fun times. Even on more balmy nights, toasting s’mores over the fire can be a great way to wrap up a fun summer day.

For pool owners seeking a fully immersive backyard living space, a pool cabana is a necessity. The shelter and many entertainment features it provides are unmatched, and there are endless options for customization.

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